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Wooden Blocks


Recognised as 'must have' equipment in pre-schools, kindergartens and child care centres, Kembo Wooden Building Blocks have delighted countless thousands of children over the years.


Children are naturally attracted to wooden building blocks, and block play helps to encourage skills in design, balance, co-ordination, imagination, pattern and creativity. And, since block play often involves more than one child, co-operation and harmony with other children can follow.

One more thing: since Kembo Building Blocks are accurately made to modular dimensions, playing with them is actually 'playing with maths'. Mind you, at that age - 3 to 5 - they don't need to know that! But when it comes to learning maths later on at school ....


Carefully made of quality materials, Kembo Building Blocks will give many years of enjoyment.

Kembo wooden building blocks are

  • well-designed
  • well-made
  • irresistible
  • Australian-made!
  • clear timber beautifully sanded, ready for your choice of finish.

To make things easy, most of our Blocks are sold in sets.

There are sets for the home and sets for kindergartens.

All sets use a selection of blocks from the same range that has proved immensely popular over many years.

In addition to those that feature in our sets, there are more than a dozen Kembo Blocks that don't! Bridges, shapes like S-bends and Crossroads, arches, extra pillars and columns - all are available to expand your block set .... and to let your child's imagination run free!

We look forward to helping you!



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