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Base Ten maths

Base Ten maths

Base Ten is Hands-On!

Learning maths with hands-on blocks - instead of just paper and pen - is recognised as a powerful approach to this vital subject.

If you choose to use Base Ten, you will be in good company: Base Ten is the maths system of choice in Primary Schools right across Australia.

Blocks, Flats, Longs and Shorts can mean so much more than numbers on a page. And what happens when those dry old numbers are brought to life? Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are so much easier to understand! And that has to be a good thing.


Base Ten comes in a choice of two convenient sets: the HomePack and the MiniSet. Check the chart to see their contents:


Block Flats Longs Shorts  
100mm cube
10mm cube

1 10 20 100 'HomePack'
- 3 20 100 'MiniSet'
Both sets come with our extremely handy and useful Parent Guide!
All parts are available separately - see 'Bulk parts'


Base Ten maths blocks are

  • Simple to use

  • Powerfully effective 

  • Inexpensive  

  • Australian-made!

There is no shortage of guidance on how to get the most from your Base Ten materials. They are featured in many independently-produced books on primary maths, and our own Parent Guide is included in every set.

So, if you think your child needs a little extra encouragement in the maths department - and let's face it, many do! - then a set of Base Ten to use at home could be just what you're looking for.


Do you need more than one Set?
10% discount when you buy 2 to 4, 20% discount when you buy 5 or more!
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Remember: it's the very same system that's in use in thousands of schools around the country. Working with the Parent Guide, you and your child will be positively reinforcing what has probably already been touched on at school.


Kembo Base Ten is available in two set sizes, each with our free Parent Guide - a great resource for parents as well as teachers.
Blocks, Flats, Longs and Shorts are also available 'loose'.
To buy, please now scroll up and click 'Sets' or 'Bulk parts' on the left.




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