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Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rods


For over 50 years, generations of Primary kids around the world have grown up with 'the Rods'.

(... and many of those kids are now parents - or grandparents. Maybe that's you!)

    These uniquely-coloured wooden Cuisenaire rods - from 1 to 10cm long - give real meaning to

  • Addition
  •  Subtraction
  •   Multiplication
  •    Division

(Parents: with the Parent Guide included, you can join in the fun. Two heads are better than one!)


Cuisenaire Rods are

  • Hands-on effective
  •  Fascinating
  •   Affordable
  •    Australian-made!

Kembo Cuisenaire Rods are conveniently available in three different set sizes,
and also in bulk - for replacements, additions or special projects!




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