About Us

Kembo-Cuisenaire, Sydney. ABN 94 335 484 562


Starting as 'Kembo Products' in 1970, our small Australian business produces good, useful, worthwhile educational aids and toys for the Australian market.

Our first products were the 'Project Blocks', beautiful solid natural wooden blocks for 3 to 5 year olds. 'The Blocks' have been installed in hundreds of Australian pre-schools, kindergartens and child care centres, and are part of their basic equipment. They are, of course, also very suitable for use at home!

In 1973 we started making Cuisenaire Rods for the then Cuisenaire Company of Australia. When the owner of that company - a cousin of the original Georges Cuisenaire! - decided to retire, we bought the business, became 'Kembo-Cuisenaire', and have been supplying Cuisenaire Rods ever since!

The Base Ten system came along a few years later, in 1980. Another success story: Base Ten blocks are in thousands of primary schools - and a lot of homes, too - around the country.

An exception to the children-oriented items above is MasterKey, our ingenious, fascinating and versatile slide-rule tool for learning - and teaching - music theory. MasterKey enjoyed an appearance on the ABC 'Inventors' program, was a medal-winner at the Geneva Inventions Exhibition, and has been sold around the world to musicians who now understand and cope with scales, chords and other aspects of music theory better than ever!


We are very proud of the fact that we are indeed 'all-Australian'. None of our products is simply imported and sold to you. We use timber grown in Australia and some from overseas - mainly New Zealand and Fiji. It is all milled for us right here in Sydney, and manufactured in our Warriewood workshop into the product you buy. Our customers often express surprise and delight that, for a change, they are 'buying Australian' and keeping jobs in Australia!

Please enjoy browsing the pages of this website. We hope you like what you see!